Marketing Science

Marketing Science is the measurement and optimization of your marketing activities. Rather than focusing only on your site’s performance like you do with web analytics, you focus on how your marketing efforts are performing and adjust them accordingly.

  • Product Design: Keywords can reveal exactly what features or solutions your customers are looking for.
  • Customer Surveys: By examining keyword frequency data you can infer the relative priorities of competing interests.
  • Industry Trends: By monitoring the relative change in keyword frequencies you can identify and predict trends in customer behavior.
  • Customer Support: Understand where customers are struggling the most and how support resources should be deployed

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics: The intersection of hard science and common sense where your data transforms into the ultimate marketing tool & a natural, unstoppable extension of your business that turns everyday obstacles into opportunities.

  • Target customers with highly relevant offers across all channels, including digital, mobile and social.
  • Understand your customers in the context of their individual relationships with your brand.
  • Engage with customers through the right channel, with the right message, at the right time.
  • Predict which customers are at risk of churning and why, and take actions to retain them.
  • Measure customer sentiment and spot emerging trends in social media and survey data.
  • Maximize customer lifetime value through personalized up-sell and cross-sell offers.

Operation & Planning

Operational analytics is a more specific term for a type of business analytics which focuses on improving existing operations. This type of business analytics, like others, involves the use of various data mining and data aggregation tools to get more transparent information for business planning.

  • Automatically analyze service IT operational data
  • Enable Proactive IT with cognitive machine learning
  • Detect incidents to avoid service outages
  • Unlock insights for more proactive operations
  • Search terabytes of log data

Risk Analytics

This potential for both risk exposure and risk opportunity highlights the importance of a systematic and integrated approach to risk management. The combined effect of these factors is an increased exposure to events having the potential to severely impact operations of an enterprise, as well as the operations of enterprises with which they interact.

  • Improve decision making by providing risk analysis, insight and transparency.
  • Increase return on capital by making risk-informed decisions on how to optimize capital allocation and qualify for regulatory incentives under Dodd-Frank, Basel II/III, Solvency II and more.
  • Accelerate and streamline risk processes to reduce costs from credit losses and manage operational risk.
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.
  • Dynamically evolve with a risk architecture that can efficiently adapt as risk management practices, client demands and regulations change.

IOT Analytics

The first thing to understand about analytics on IoT data is that it involves datasets generated by sensors, which are now both cheap and sophisticated enough to support a seemingly endless variety of use cases.

The potential of sensors lies in their ability to gather data about the physical environment, which can then be analyzed or combined with other forms of data to detect patterns

Cyber Security Analytics

Big data and analytics are some of the most effective defenses against cyber intrusions. Better, faster, actionable security information reduces the critical time from detection to remediation, enabling cyber warfare specialists to proactively defend and protect your network.

PositiveNaick delivers a single, authoritative ecosystem integrating information security, cyber security, network operations data, analytics and reporting.

  • Perceptions about cyber readiness
  • Cyber security risks, vulnerabilities and consequences
  • Big data analytics
  • Cyber security solutions
  • Industry differences

Our Expertise


Data > Modeling > Decisioning > Deployment

  • Bigdata Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP
  • Text Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Optimization
  • Social Networking Analytics
  • Segmentation
Aritificial intelligence

A major thrust of AI is in the development of computer functions associated with human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, and problem solving.

  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Conventional Neural Networks(CNN)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN)
Business Analytics

Business analytics (BA) is the practice of iterative, methodical exploration of an organization's data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis.

  • Business process modeling
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Business Intelligence

Building a Brain

Positive Naick helps enterprises to evolve from Big Data to immense Knowledge through the creation and management of large-scale enterprise knowledge graphs.

Who we are

Founded in 2017, PositiveNaick is a creative Analytics Company based in Chennai.

We work with clients across the globe who range from small businesses to large enterprises and universities.

PositiveNaick is started with a young talents of GenY on strongly believing in

"Best way to create a better future is to create your own future".

Our Philosophy

We collectively work towards the unified goal of delivering beautiful, well-engineered Products that are functionally robust and easy to use.

Deliver Best-in-Class Products. Focus on Customer. Provide World Class Support. Keep it simple.

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