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Our story

It's the same old cliche story which goes like... A group of friends meeting after a long gap in a coffee shop discussing about how they were bored with their passionless 9 to 6 job and wanted to achieve something with their skill-set ended up starting a company. Our story is no different from it apart from a twist in the tale.

Who we are? We are a team of Gen Y people comprised of entrepreneurs and techies. We have come across extreme highs and lows very early in our career life. Most of us are first generation graduate with a simple family background. We all had one thing in common - we couldn't settle for an ordinary life.

Learnings from the past Our entrepreneurs have also been part of failed business ventures. We have got the burning desire for success in us. This time around we don't want to commit the same mistakes that we did in the past. To start with we wanted to build a product that is marketable, then we wanted to focus a building a rock-solid team, get real customers for our products and not friends & family, supported by a proven revenue model. Finally after stabilizing ourself, we wanted to focus on creating smarter solutions for complex problems. We are progressing on the right track.

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The birth of PositiveNaick Analytics:

We wanted the company to be pragmatic and a leader in space, in which it operates the moment we decided to start a company. So after several brainstorming sessions the two word that we found to be resonating our thoughts are “Positive” for pragmatic and “Naik” for leader or chief. Hence we named our company as PositiveNaick.

The birth of Active Analytics Research Center (AARC):

As a team of technology enthusiast we strongly believed in having a dedicated R&D center for innovation. Because various scenarios and other external factors might push us to go along with the tide which might drift us away from our vision which is brings “Innovation in technology”. Hence AARC a pure play dedicated center to foster innovation in technology for the ever growing dynamic business problems have been created.