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Selecting a company is like choosing a life partner. Several factors needed to be considered before making a choice.
We understand that each one of us has varied needs in our life while choosing a workplace. So it's extremely essential for us to understand those needs and make sincere efforts to meet those expectations. We have carefully crafted a work environment which is comfortable, fun-filled yet rewarding. PNA can't be a life partner but it certainly can be a great workplace partner.

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Working Style of PNA

Life in PNA is rewarding in terms of knowledge, responsibilities and financials. Our people give their best in PNA because they don't work for anyone, they work for their own satisfaction.
  • Our vision for employees
  • Our approach & difference
  • Why choose us
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  • Attaining financial freedom for employees
  • Making them mastering in multiple skill sets
  • Constantly creating opportunities to match their skill sets
  • Freedom to shape up their career
  • Making them a valuable asset in the field
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  • Work hard play hard culture
  • Flat hierarchical structure
  • Organic & positive working culture
  • Workplace politics are strictly prohibited
  • Fun & Joy are in PNA's DNA
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  • Treat failure as a stepping stone
  • Supportive & trustable co-working peers
  • Cross-functional learning opportunities
  • Honest and transparent working environment
  • Values suggestions & feedbacks from all level

Great career doesn’t happen by chance its a choice.

At PNA we strongly believe employees are our soul and backbone. As we grow we are actively looking for like minded people to be part of our journey. Lets get united and shape our future together.

What you can expect from us?

  • We care for your growth & success
  • Creating a strong sense of purpose in what we create
  • Opportunity to explore & excel in futuristic technologies

What we would expect from you?

  • Adaptive to change
  • Instil self learning capability with lesser external support
  • To be effectively able to plan, prioritize and communicate

Let’s join hands to do more together

Python Developer

Chennai, India

Experience: 2-4 yrs

Nodejs Developer

Chennai, India

Experience: 2-4 yrs


Chennai, India

Experience: 2 yrs

SEO & Adwords

Chennai, India

Experience: 2-3 yrs

Business Development Executive

Chennai, India

Experience: 2-3 yrs

Confused about your career?

Internships | Training | Guidance | Mentoring
We offer interesting internship opportunities for students and fresh graduates to explore their true potential. Firstly we let them to try multiple things to explore their hidden strengths, then we work on sharpening those strengths before focussing on their weakness. Wanted to know more about the opportunities in PNA, connect with us we are here to support you.