Cyber Security Analytics

Cyber Security Analytics

Cyber security analytics started getting huge attention in recent years because of the large companies that had fallen as victim to massive cyber attacks. Breach, malware, phishing, hacking are some of the threats that are .

The need for Cyber Security Analytics?

Businesses that has a huge dependability on computer technologies and networks for their day-to-day operations are the real target for attackers and hackers to perform malicious activities.

  • How well the digital assets of a business been safeguarded?
  • Can the business withstand intrusions?
  • How do business monitor and detect network behaviour?
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Benefits of Cyber Security Analytics

  • Prevent, Detect and Respond to cyber threats

    To stay ahead of the competition businesses are expected to be pro-active and vigilant towards protecting their data against cyber threats.

  • Real-time intelligence to understand the intrusion

    Understanding and analyzing the cause and effect by identifying the type of intrusion and the potential intention behind it.

  • Detecting the anomalies in the network - Internal and external

    Safeguarding the external threats alone is insufficient, identifying the anomalies both inside and outside the organization is essential for businesses to safeguard their assets.